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Hello, and WELCOME to my page. My name is Will, I rap, sing, draw, write, background act, you name it. I made this page for those interested in my art forms. Those who seek answers that are not easily found. I "awoke" to seeing the world differently back in 2011/12, and here I am, sharing my inner soul with any avid truth seekers and lovers of art alike.

I think you will all be pleasantly surprised by everything you find here. If not, I still thank and bless you for stopping by.

One Love, Willy C.

Time Machine: A Brief Manipulation of Past Tracks (2014-NOW)

After releasing "On3", I felt a need to re-do older work from past mixtapes. This project will showcase older tracks from my liking and choosing. Hopefully you can enjoy these songs as much as I did :D.

Download links BELOW!


Existence (Part One)

  1. Busy Days
  2. Introvert
  3. Mask
  4. Drank From the Wrong Cup
  5. Just Move On
  6. Thirty Three
  7. The Road
  8. B0rdr'5 X'd
  9. Losing It

Resistance (Part Two)

  1. Dysfunction
  2. Answers
  3. Memes & Themes
  4. Follow
  5. Mainstream
  6. Pinnacle
  7. Purpura (Purple)
  8. Myth
  9. Farewell

Persistence (Part Three) * Website Exclusive Download

  1. Let It Go (On3 B-Side, Prod. by Rick Van Meijel)
  2. Routine 9 to 5
  3. Simple Man (LS Intro)
  4. Blaze Of Anguish (Extended Intro)
  5. Ra (Poetic Reading)
  6. The Light [Edit]

LATEST Mixtape


Work for this mixtape began back in October 2017, after my visit to California and visiting the Hollywood Bowl. Topics touched include MANY concerning the current state of the world, means of control, and how your mind can be used to overcome this negative reality being fed to us...

  1. Times Like These
  2. Blaze of Anguish
  3. Our Mistakes
  4. 1976
  5. untitled
  6. cccCcC'
  7. π (Pi)
  8. Ra
  9. symbol
  10. Fools Paradise
  11. + = -
  12. blur
  13. Spanish Song
  14. π pt. 2
  15. The Light