The man behind the mask, tells his story...

Born and raised in Jamaica, New York. I grew up during the 90's a shy little boy, who lacked confidence but had so much going on within him, that I wouldn't be able to let all this stuff out. My life was stuck to the same routine of study and little interaction with others 'til my early teen years.

Insecure about myself, I didn't talk much, had a small circle of friends (Which I still do) and became overly depressed because of societal expectations. Lacking a connection with someone for love, I was stranded for many years lonely, while my parents worked to give me and my siblings a brighter (and safer) future.

I despised music when I was younger, which is kind of ironic now since I write and do music myself. It was not until my mid-teens that I started to appreciate a band that would mold me musically, Linkin Park. Which led me on a road to discover other forms of music such as Pink Floyd, Eminem, Deftones, Slipknot, Immortal Technique, etc. 

Insecurities continued on until my late adult years. Drinking my life away at clubs, bars. Many ER visits later, I started to fear life. Fear that I would pass away, and... what would I be known for? What could I do to make this experience better? And the question many people ask themselves, why me?

Through this, my life through a microscope has been filled with anxiety, mental illness, questioning life itself. To the point I broke through everything and realized that I myself have more power that I believed I had. Realizing that everything everyone caters to in the mainstream, is nothing more than a mold, a mere mask that hides away the true person, unwilling to show themselves just to "fit in". I tried to conform, but it seems I am a mere defect to this world out to enslave us.

I relieved myself of those demons, and slowly ridding my addictions. Everything in this world is made to trap you here. These biases make this world work, and I can show you the "how" and "why".

Welcome, and hope you stay for the long run!

- Willy C