From early 2013 'til today. All the mixtapes. To listen go here:

I have been writing for such a long time that I felt it was time to use that ability for more, for good! Any work here touches upon how I suffered through not "being" like the rest, realizing in the end, that through brainwashing methods, this came to be. Touching many subjects including: mental illness, depression, pharmaceuticals, why are we here?, love, hope, enslavement of the mind, the "system", etc.

Mixtapes 1 through 6 aren't recorded in studio, just done through a computer mic. I don't have plans to re-record them all. There are mistakes on them, some even the flow is horrid and sounds like I'm speaking. This was all for fun at a point but decided to get a bit more serious about this, as we have little time. There is plenty of information in my music that you won't find in the mainstream (Cuz that's all just sex, money, materialism and HATE)...

All credits to instrumental makers, for beats I have used throughout the years can be found HERE

Download Links to all mixtapes above descriptions:

Where do I Go? It's All a Show!!!

The mixtape that started it all. Written from early 2013 and released on December 31st, 2014. Released only to close friends at that point.

Not professionally recorded (Using only a computer mic). Touches many personal topics in my personal life, from family, mental illness (Xanax, Prozac), to not being able to be the person I want to be.

  1. Busy Days
  2. Peace?
  3. Routine 9 to 5
  4. Arrogance
  5. Alone
  6. Anxiety
  7. Another Year
  8. No Sense
  9. Real?
  10. Answers
  11. Sane Mind
  12. Simple Beauty
  13. Ignorance
  14. Preach
  15. Let Me Be

                           Sane Asylum

Released privately along with the 1st mixtape, Sane Asylum touches upon issues with society, as in many following trends. Never questioning and seeing that they are playing a game. Hence the name "Sane Asylum", we are all stuck in this loop.

  1. Dysfunction
  2. Clueless
  3. Myth
  4. Existence
  5. Riches
  6. Layers
  7. Mainstream
  8. Pinnacle
  9. Profecia
  10. Simple Man
  11. Minesweeper
  12. Lost Souls
  13. Cuento de Ada
  14. October Nine
  15. Routes
  16. Dn7 L57n 2 7h5 (MGS Outro)

Lets Take This Back to Poetry

Released half a year after the 1st two mixtapes, this short EP just further exemplifies all that has been learned to immediate research (Conspiracy, Rumors, etc.) To touching gruesome topics such as Snuff films and the dark web. To subtler touch of facing ones past and moving on.

  1. Valentine's Day
  2. Just Move On
  3. Chain Letter
  4. Checkmate
  5. Purpura
  6. Deep Dark Web

Memes & Themes

Insanity pushing further and seeing conspiracies as not being so far beyond reach. Memes and Themes is one of the more experimental mixtapes, including stories. Includes songs "recycled" from my initial writing sessions. Overall, my mental state at this point was reaching a point of insanity, til finally I "crossed borders".

  1. Fulton (Intro)
  2. Memes & Themes
  3. I Don't Blame You
  4. Nothingness
  5. Mainstream Pt. Deux
  6. Temptress
  7. Same Old Story (Rinse & Repeat)
  8. Change of Lifestyle
  9. Afraid
  10. Marea Al Viento
  11. Thirty Three
  12. Emptiness/Vacio
  13. Insane/Empty Mind
  14. B0rdr'5 X'd
  15. L3ff3r75 (Outro)


Diving into topics about how the people in society, as Shakespeare has mentioned, are merely "players" on the "biggest stage". How politics are all a charade, to maintain an illusion of power. Fully awakening those close to me, I realize a power through my words, that can better the world. There's still a long road ahead in life and my "show" is about to end, for the better.

  1. Time
  2. Do I Need to Say More?
  3. Cloak
  4. Follow
  5. Animal
  6. Mask
  7. The Biggest Stage
  8. Deception
  9. M@ch1ne
  10. Conclusion
  11. Grind
  12. Troll
  13. N'Flu'nce
  14. Child
  15. The Road
  16. Farewell

From the Darkness to the Light... And Vice Versa

Released on September 21st, 2017, this mixtape touches topics on birth of one and the experiences along the way. How this rigged game is invented in order to have us enslaved to our own addictions, and to the torments of our mind. Touching dreams I have had to the point of being "told", things will get worse than they are now. To the point of "Losing It" and making the final touches to realize the unity in it all, and how the world we live in works. The final step before understanding the "why"?

I thought this was gonna be my final Mixtape lol. Boy was I wrong...

This is the first mixtape I experiment with speech samples.

  1. Intro
  2. Questions
  3. Generic Love Song
  4. Newborn
  5. Introvert
  6. Drank From the Wrong Cup
  7. Conspiracy
  8. Just a Deck of Cards
  9. The Game
  10. Losing It
  11. Aqua/Pink-Red
  12. Curve
  13. Grey
  14. Sk17
  15. P@r@n01@
  16. Elixir
  17. Old
  18. Moments and Memories
  19. Contrast/O
  20. Distractions
  21. Cambio Necesario


Released on February 2nd, 2019 (33rd Day, Groundhog Day) this mixtape touches topics such as finally "evolving" into the person I wanted to be, not scared of the consequences, and willing to try new things, things I was afraid to. Giving a helping hand to those who suffer mental health problems, along with realizing my purpose is to spread "personal truth" to the masses. Reaching points of not just mental enslavement, but also enslavement through work, through the little time we have here, to wasting it on the wrong things. To understanding that all 7 BILLION of us are enslaved to a Satanic Cult running the world, out to achieve their "New World Order", through brainwashing and "fake news". Leading to "The Light", where I have hope we can turn things around before they take the wrong turn...

Mixtape where I used most samples and took nearly 2 years to execute. Recorded in my small makeshift studio, sounds WAY better than older mixtapes!

  1. Times Like These
  2. Blaze of Anguish
  3. Our Mistakes
  4. 1976
  5. untitled
  6. ccCcC'
  7. π (Pi)
  8. Ra
  9. symbol
  10. Fools Paradise
  11. + = -
  12. blur
  13. Spanish Song
  14. π Pt. 2
  15. The Light

Time Machine

A Brief Manipulation of Past Tracks (2014-NOW)

This compilation came as an idea to reinterpret older tracks from past mixtapes. Some were done with new samples or vocal takes. Other were just upped on quality. But overall it is an introduction to my music to new listeners. It is essentially broken into 3 parts (Existence T1-9, Resistance T10-18, Persistence *BONUS) Tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Busy Days
  2. Introvert
  3. Mask
  4. Drank From the Wrong Cup
  5. Just Move On
  6. Thirty Three
  7. The Road
  8. B0rdr'5 X'd
  9. Losing It
  10. Dysfunction
  11. Answers
  12. Memes & Themes
  13. Follow
  14. Mainstream
  15. Pinnacle
  16. Purpura
  17. Myth
  18. Farewell
  1. Let It Go (Ft. Rick Van Meijel) [On3 B-Side]
  2. Routine 9 to 5
  3. Simple Man (LS Intro)
  4. Blaze Of Anguish (Extended Intro)
  5. Ra (Poetic Reading)
  6. The Light [Edit]